Piercing Pricing

We have the best prices on piercings at $30 per hole, jewelry and tax are already included. Piercings that are offered are piercer-dependent, please call for more information.


Tattoo Pricing

We offer affordable pricing and special discounts for our tattoos and body piercing work!
    Our shop minimum for tattoos is $40, which covers almost anything from a dot to almost a 2”x 2” design.

  We use a special measurement process to help give you a roundabout idea of pricing: 

Height x Width x $15-25= Estimated Cost

The tattoo is quoted prior to doing the artwork, if it takes longer than what’s quoted due to artist perfectionism, we won’t raise the price! We have an infinite selection of designs to choose from, and we can create anything custom!

We also have a large variety of jewelry to choose from ranging from $2.00/ea - $20.00/pair, everything from basics to exotics! We have tattoo and piercing aftercare kits for $10.00 each just for your convenience!

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Conditional Promotions:

 “Piercing Signature Cards”

We give you a signature for each piercing you get, collect 5 signatures and give us the signed card for 1 FREE piercing.

(You do not pay for jewelry and tax for the free piercing.)


Police, Ambulance, & Fire

15% off services,

with proper ID!



20% off services,

with military/veteran ID!


Cannot stack discounts.