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Steve started tattooing and piercing when he was 17 years old and found out, “Hey, I’m pretty good at this!” Since then, he has been tattooing the nation and creating a legion of artists and body piercers in his wake! Steve has tattooed and body pierced for almost 30 years and is a very versatile artist that favors black and grey!
    In 2001, Steve and Xan met at a tattoo shop in Florida when Steve stepped in for an artist that was going to rework a tattoo on her. Steve became her artist, and she would go nowhere else and to no one else! Steve reformed how Xan tattoos, teaching her techniques that she would need to tattoo HER style on clients efficiently. After running a shop together and coloring the world, Steve and Xan got married!
    For decades, owning our own facility with our higher standards for quality art and customer service, has always been a dream. It truly is a blessing what we have now and what we are doing with it! “Dreams really do come true!” We wouldn’t be this awesome if it weren’t for our loyal clients, the local ones and the ones that fly from all four corners of the U.S. just to get inked by us! So, thank you all!

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